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Introduction to Pipe Relining and its Relevance for Strata Properties

Strata plumbing services, including cutting-edge solutions like pipe relining, have recently gained traction as innovative methods for addressing plumbing issues in strata properties, all without the major disruption of traditional techniques. As a modern trenchless technology, our plumbing services include pipe relining, enabling expert plumbers to repair burst pipes, like those compromised by tree roots or corrosion, from the inside out, eliminating the need for disruptive excavation to reach the affected drainage system.

The minimal interference to residents along with the restoration of ageing and damaged pipes makes pipe relining a convenient, cost-effective alternative to pipe replacement.

Beyond its unobtrusive nature, Pipe relining specifically benefits strata properties by adeptly repairing compromised sewer pipes, enhancing the functionality of every property. Relined drain pipes have an expected lifespan of over 50 years and include long-term warranties, ensuring your drain pipe system is restored to a condition surpassing its original state. For anyone looking, each every time, to address stubborn blocked sewer drains and leaks, the technology is particularly effective caused by tree roots or buildup inside the pipes.

With pipe relining emerging as a go-to major repairs solution for plumbers working with diligence on each strata property, Look no further than this detailed examination into the technology, courtesy of insights from our seasoned plumbing company, explicating its mechanics, suitability for strata buildings, and critical considerations for owners and strata committees.

Comparing Pipe Relining to Traditional Pipe Replacement

When ageing or damaged pipes require substantial pipe repair in a strata building, owners are typically presented with two options – pipe relining or comprehensive pipe replacement. Traditionally, the only solution was to completely replace pipes; however, our modern methods can help, requiring no digging up of trenches through walls and floors to access and remove pipes.

Pipe relining offers a less intrusive repair alternative, reflecting our commitment to a smooth, professional service with minimal disruption. The process involves an epoxy lining on the inside of existing pipes with a flexible epoxy resin, which can make repairs to the pipes without the need for excavation or destruction, a testament to the quality of our work.

Here’s an overview of how the two methods compare:


Pipe relining, a trenchless method, takes considerably less time than traditional pipe replacement. Yes, we can typically accomplish relining in 1-3 days without extended curing or excavation delays, rapidly restoring the water supply to functionality. Conversely, a pipe replacement project often spans 4+ weeks for multi-story buildings as pipes undergo drain repair and are re-installed section by section.

Resident Displacement

As relining is conducted from inside the pipes and requires no digging, residents can stay in their homes without losing access to water and other amenities. Pipe replacement often disrupts essential services, including the hot water system, which typically necessitates temporarily relocating affected residents. This can blow out costs.

Property Damage

The need to jackhammer floors and walls to access pipes leads to inevitable destruction with full pipe replacement. Pipe relining involves no destruction, preserving the building’s existing fixtures and finishes.

Landscape Preservation

Unlike pipe replacement requiring external excavation, relining preserves a building’s foundations, gardens and outdoor areas by avoiding destructive digging. For heritage buildings or sites with valued landscaping, this is a major benefit.

With restored integrity and 50+ year lifespans, pipe relining stands out for strata buildings, including those with cast iron pipes, and residents can discover how the process ensures their pipes can remain trouble-free for decades.

How Pipe Relining Works

Pipe relining utilises cutting-edge 'no-dig’ technology to repair a compromised pipe, tending to any plumbing issue with minimal disruption, thus safeguarding your property’s integrity. The key stages include:

  1. Our skilled plumber conducts a detailed camera inspection, utilizing cutting-edge equipment to inspect the plumbing network and identify issues. The camera inspection is harmless, enabling smooth navigation through the pipes and proactive identification of hot water systems and other issues.
  2. We precisely measure the sewer line’s length to tailor-make an epoxy resin liner that fits your pipe’s dimensions perfectly.
  3. The compact liner is then infused with a specially formulated resin that can cure under wet conditions, safeguarding all your internal pipework.
  4. Once saturated, the liner material is introduced into the pipe and expanded to fit snugly against the interior walls, creating a sturdy pipe within the old structure.
  5. As the liner adheres in place, the resin cures and hardens, leaving a smooth, jointless and watertight new pipe-within-a-pipe.
  6. Lastly, service connections are restored or replaced if needed to reconnect sinks, toilets etc. The relined pipe is now restored to better than new condition, with at least a 50+ year lifespan guaranteed.

Pipe relining preserves walls, driveways, gardens, and common property areas as it doesn’t require any digging or destruction. Complimentary drain camera inspections, a staple of commercial plumbing protocols, are also provided during the initial couple of years to ensure the pipe’s enduring integrity.

Benefits of Pipe Relining Over Replacement

In the debate of relining vs pipe replacement, several clear advantages firmly position relining as the superior choice for strata properties specifically:

Cost Savings

The reduced labour and material costs for pipe relining, compared to extraction and replacement, make it an economical solution we confidently recommend. Relining can save expenses considerably, with our customers often delighted by the cost savings, costing around 60% less on average. With no resident displacement requirements either, the cost savings accumulate rapidly after works completed.

Faster Solution

With a turnaround of 1-3 days, pipe relining is not only speedier but also minimizes downtime, which greatly satisfies our customers. This allows owners to restore critical plumbing systems promptly with minimal impact to residents.

50 Year Guarantees

Industry-leading 50-year guarantees provide long-term assurance when repairing common property assets, completed with very professional expertise that you can find out more about upon request. Relined pipes perform exceptionally, often outlasting brand new pipes without the same deterioration issues.

Added Property Value

Upgrading ageing pipes with a modern epoxy liner improves infrastructure durability, which translates into higher property valuations. Enhanced liveability from unobtrusive relining works also adds value for owners.

With so many clear benefits tailored to the needs of strata properties, it’s easy to see why pipe relining is quickly emerging as the first choice over disruptive pipe replacement projects requiring major demolition.

Case Study: Successful Strata Pipe Relining Project

Here’s an illustration of how our seasoned team has proficiently delivered comprehensive pipe relining services across all strata properties.

The Background

An eight-unit residential strata scheme, sprawling all over Sydney from the Inner West to the northern beaches, grappled with extensive drainage blockages and burst pipe issues due to invasive roots and accumulated debris within the ageing terracotta sewer lines.

With the original earthenware pipes laid in the 1960s exhibiting cracks where roots had penetrated, there had been ongoing issues including persistent blockages and significant water leakage. Attempts at temporary fixes and drain unblocking provided only short-term relief, inadequately addressing the issue rather than serving to permanently fix problem areas.

The Pipe Relining Solution

Seeking a cost-effective, long-term solution, the strata committee explored both replacement estimates and pipe relining, with the latter promising significant cost savings.

The skilled strata plumbers based at our office introduced pipe relining as a savvy solution, eliminating the need to dig up, revitalising pipes from within while preserving the immediate environment, much to the relief of Sydney’s water regulations.

The Process

Initially, our dedicated plumbing technician conducted thorough inspections with a high-definition CCTV camera on the pipe network, which our plumbers can then analyse to determine the precise repairs needed, followed by the application of a bespoke epoxy resin liner to the damaged pipe sections. The inpact liner was then saturated and expanded into the damaged sections, particularly targeting the cause of a blocked drain, where it hardened to form a new pipe.

Completed in just two days, this plumbing service caused no disruption to residents and set a new standard for convenience and efficiency. All plumbing systems were reconnected and restored to optimal function.

The Outcome

Pipe relining delivered a seamless and enduring repair for less than half the cost of full replacement, enhancing both the strata’s budget and peace of mind. The strata can get back to enjoying the benefits from restored drainage function and added value from the 50-year pipe integrity warranty provided.

This case study reflects the major advantages pipe relining can offer strata properties - keeping repair costs down while fixing pipes faster and less invasively than traditional methods allow.

Cost Considerations of Pipe Relining

When reviewing pipe relining costs for strata properties, there are several factors owners and committees should consider:

Initial Outlay

The upfront cost of pipe relining averages $180-$250 per linear metre, including materials, labour and post-installation inspections. For a standard 8-unit block, costs may range from $12,000-$18,000 in total, a worthwhile investment for a resolve problem strategy ensuring permanent plumbing solutions. Structural factors like multiple levels, long pipe runs and difficult access can increase complexity and expenses.

Cost vs Replacement

While not inexpensive, relining can also be significantly more economical, costing around 50-60% less than full pipe replacement, which averages $400-$550 per metre installed. For even a small strata scheme, choosing relining over replacement may offer lifetime savings exceeding $100,000.

Future Savings

The 50+ year lifespan of epoxy-lined pipes indicates that no further repairs should be necessary for many years following relining. This permits strata funds to be allocated to other critical projects rather than recurring drain repairs.

Enhancing underground infrastructure translates into higher valuations for your real estate and its owners. Enhanced liveability also adds value. Pipe relining brings significant long term returns on investment, a financial gain that provides confidence and satisfaction for our customers.

Weighing up all considerations, pipe relining clearly provides excellent value for money - restoring pipes effectively while minimising financial outlay and disruption for strata owners long into the future.

Navigating Strata Approvals

Obtaining approval for pipe relining projects in strata properties typically requires extensive discussion between professional plumbers, the strata manager, and the owners’ corporation.

As pipe relining changes common property, consent is needed from the owners corporation, acting in the interest of each lot owner. Usually, the initial proposal is submitted for review at an executive committee meeting, aiming for an owner’s corporation vote at the upcoming AGM or EGM.

When preparing a pipe relining proposal for an owners’ corporation, key details to highlight include:

  • The problems with the current pipes that make relining necessary
  • Quotes benchmarking the cost of pipe replacement versus relining
  • Photographic evidence such as CCTV drainage scans confirming pipe damage
  • Examples of equivalent strata relining projects and case studies
  • Formal warranties/guarantees covering workmanship and materials

Gaining owners’ corporation approval requires patience and transparency regarding the relining process, costs and benefits for the strata scheme. Allowing committee members to review all documentation and address any concerns ensures the best chance of a successful outcome when put to a strata vote.

The Role of Pipe Relining in Building Maintenance

Pipe relining is a crucial aspect of proactive maintenance, addressing a range of building care needs within strata properties. By restoring damaged drainage pipes from the inside out, issues like leaks, cracks and blockages can be addressed pre-emptively before they escalate, ensuring professionals take care any arising issues before they manifest as serious problems like water ingress or soil erosion arise.

Without the need for destructive pipe replacement, relining eliminates the risk of prolonged water damage or infrastructure failure risks through unobtrusive repairs. As an affordable, long-lasting solution, relining precludes the need for continual emergency plumbing call out situations over the years.

As part of a comprehensive preventive maintenance schedule, regular CCTV drain inspections followed by localised pipe relining, including attention to the boundary trap, provides a robust strategy that addresses blocked drains and facilitates repairs within 24 hours if needed. Well-maintained pipes also uphold the reputation of the strata scheme for being well managed, adding value for owners.

Engaging in rpzd (regular preventative maintenance) through proactive pipe degradation prevention, strata managers can mitigate risks and curb long-term costs with strategic relining applications.

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