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Direct Indirect Water Heating Pros & Cons
Direct vs Indirect Water Heating Pros & Cons

Indirect water heaters can save significant energy and costs but have higher install expenses. Direct heaters heat water faster but use more energy overall. Contact our experts to compare systems.

File Hot Water System Warranty Claim
How To File A Hot Water System Warranty Claim

If your hot water system breaks down while still under warranty, you may be eligible to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Our licensed plumbers can guide you through the process for all major hot water system brands. Contact us on XXXX XXX XXX for help lodging your claim.

solar hot water systems worth ?
Are solar hot water systems worth it?

Investing in a solar hot water system can save up to 75% on water heating costs compared to electric or gas heaters. The systems last longer and add property value too. See if the long-term savings make solar hot water a worthy investment.

Risks DIY Hot Water Repairs
The Risks of DIY Hot Water Repairs

Attempting DIY hot water system repairs can be dangerous due to risk of electric shocks, gas leaks, or flooding damage. For safe and code-compliant repairs, call the licensed professionals at Croydon Park Plumbing.

Benefits Cooking Gas
Benefits of Cooking with Gas

Cooking with gas provides faster heating, more responsive temperature control, lower energy costs, and continues working during power outages. Gas spreads heat more evenly and lets you adjust flame sizes precisely.

Storing Gas Cylinders Safely Home
Storing Gas Cylinders Safely At Home

Gas cylinders should always be stored upright, chained and in a secure, well-ventilated area preferably outside. Keep away from heat and ignition sources. Contact our experts for safe gas cylinder storage advice.

Pipe Relining Stop Sewer Odours?
Does Pipe Relining Stop Sewer Odours?

Pipe relining is an effective, long-term solution to stop bad sewer smells by sealing cracks and damage in pipes without digging them up. We use durable resin lining that prevents odours and debris buildup. Learn how Croydon Park Plumbing uses pipe relining for effective, eco-friendly sewer odour solutions.

Hot Water Home? ’
No Hot Water At Home? Here’s What To Do

If you have no hot water, first check if the pilot light is off and locate any gas leaks. If the gas supply is fine but you still have no hot water, call a qualified plumber to inspect your water heater to restore hot water.

Affordable Storm Drain Relining
Affordable Storm Drain Relining

Relining provides an affordable, trenchless solution to repair cracked stormwater drains without digging up your property. Our specialists can reline damaged drains to prevent leaks and infiltration.

smelly drains & fix
What causes smelly drains & how to fix them

Smelly drains are a common problem caused by build up of hair, food waste & bacteria growth inside pipes. Easily fix the smell yourself at home by regularly pouring boiling water or baking soda mixtures down the drain to clean & kill odours.

DIY Professional: Handle Plumbing Emergencies?
DIY or Professional: Who Should Handle Plumbing Emergencies?

Determining if you should DIY plumbing repairs or hire a professional depends on the situation. Major issues like leaks require a licensed plumber to prevent disasters, while minor clogs may be DIY. Ultimately, knowing when to call for emergency plumbing services comes down to the risk and your capabilities.

Pipe relining heritage buildings
Pipe relining for heritage buildings

Pipe relining technology allows plumbing systems in heritage buildings to be upgraded efficiently without excavation or pipe removal. Our trenchless pipe repair solutions can strengthen existing pipes from the inside out. Contact us today to learn more about pipe relining services for your heritage building.

Fastest Pipe Relining Croydon Park
Fastest Pipe Relining in Croydon Park

Looking for the fastest way to get pipe relining done in Croydon Park without excavation? Our pipe relining services use advanced trenchless methods to repair pipe damage fast. Contact Croydon Park Plumbing now for a fast quote.

Health Risks Blocked Drains
Health Risks of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, cause dampness and contamination in your home. This leads to respiratory issues, skin infections, allergies and disease. Prevent the health hazards and get your blocked drains cleaned as soon as possible.

Manage Water Leak Home
How To Manage A Water Leak In Your Home

Inspect pipes, taps & toilets for leaks. Turn off water, locate source, mitigate loss/damage & call a licensed plumber for repair. Act quickly to prevent flood damage & mold growth.

Fix Hot Water Running Fast
Fix Hot Water Running Out Fast

If your hot water system is running out too fast regardless of usage, there may be an underlying issue. Get an inspection to determine if sediment build-up, faulty heating element, broken dip tube or other problem is causing it.

Reline Gas Pipe?
Can You Reline A Gas Pipe?

Gas pipe relining is a trenchless method that allows plumbers to reline underground gas pipes without the need for expensive excavation. An epoxy resin solution is inserted into the pipe and inflated, bonding to the pipe walls to form a durable inner lining. Contact us to learn more!

unpleasant smells hot water systems?
What causes unpleasant smells in hot water systems?

Unpleasant rotten egg and sewage smells from hot water systems are commonly caused by sulfate bacteria. Get rid of foul odours fast with help from Croydon Park Plumbing’s certified technicians.

Fix Water Pressure Pipe Relining
Fix Low Water Pressure With Pipe Relining

Signs of pipe issues like low water pressure, leaks and blockages indicate damaged pipes that require repair. Pipe relining is a trenchless method to permanently restore functionality and water flow without digging or replacement.

Pipe relining strata properties
Pipe relining for strata properties

Pipe relining allows broken drains and sewers in strata properties to be repaired without digging trenches. It’s faster, neater, guarantees 50 years and avoids water damage compared to traditional pipe replacement. Contact us for a free quote.

Prevent water damage smart leak detection
Prevent water damage with smart leak detection

Smart water leak detection uses sensors and AI to identify issues before they become catastrophic. Technology can spot leaks early and even automatically shut off water to prevent flooding and water wasted. Call us to install cutting-edge leak detection tech that prevents damage.

50 year warranty relined pipes
50 year warranty on relined pipes

We proudly offer a 50 year product warranty on all relined pipes, ensuring they are free from defects. Additionally, there is a 35 year installation warranty. Contact our expert team today to learn more or request a quote.

Blocked Drains Attract Pests?
Can Blocked Drains Attract Pests?

Find out how blocked drains can attract pests like rats and cockroaches, and learn how to protect your home from infestations.

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